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Tips for Lighting the Way in Your Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, many people don't realize that over their lifetime it is estimated that you will spend over a year and a half behind that closed door. Since the bathroom is the one place in your home, that you are expected to go in and close the door behind you, you want it to be a pleasant place to be. When it comes time to Buy Bathroom Lighting, you don’t want to just choose any old fixtures and bulbs to light your way.

You want to be sure that your lighting choices make a big impact on your bathroom for all to see. Below you will find some tips for how to make the most of the lighting in your bathroom.

Destroy Vanity Shadows

When you were a kid, a shadow over the vanity could lead to tons of imaginative hours of play. As an adult, a shadow over the vanity can cause a nicked chin or a face that looks like a clown when you step into the sunlight. You will want to install the right amount of lighting over the vanity, instead of going with just a single dim bulb.

Make the Tub Fancy

A tub is not just a place to take a bath, as many people think. It is a place to relax and forget the day's worries. Accent lighting, such as a mini chandelier over the tub will add a certain elegance to your bathroom and a cozy feel to your bath at night.

Create a Path

If you install toekick lighting under the cabinets of your bathroom, it will keep you from bumping into things in the middle of the night. If you have ever gone to the bathroom at 3am, you know what a shock a big light can be to your eyes.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use lighting to make your bathroom shine. From creating a toekick path to hanging a mini chandelier over the tub, you can be sure that your bathroom will be a relaxing place to be. You can find out more about bathroom and Online Lighting today here.